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Clinical Therapeutic Applications of the Kinesio Taping Method, 2nd ED
Clinical Therapeutic Applications of the Kinesio Taping Method, 2nd ED
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A comprehensive book explaining the concepts, theories and the newest applications of the Kinesio Technique. With over 70 clinical applications such as shoulder instability, brachial plexus, epicondylitis, bursitis, ankle sprain, dislocations, and hand therapy techniques this is the most complete and comprehensive Kinesio Taping Manual offered in the United States. This book consists of 249 pages in spiral binding.

Clinical Applications include:
AC jointfunctional tapingpatellafemoral
achilles tendonitisgamekeepers thumbperoneal subluxation
aCLhallux valgusplantar fasciitis
adductor strainhammer toepilca of knee
ankle lateral sprainhamspring strainquadricep strain
biceps tendonitisheadacheretrocalcaneal
bachial pexuship pointerrib
bursitis of the elbowiliotibal bandrotator cuff
bursitis of the kneeligament tapingsC joint
bursitis of the shoulderlittle league elbowsciatica
carpal tunnellympatic tapingscoliosis
cervical spondylitismallet fingersevers syndrome
chondromalaciaMCLshin splints
costocheondralmechanical tapingshoulder instability
dequervainsmedial epicondylitissi joint
dislocationsmeniscus kneespondsylosis
elbow hyperextmetatarsal archthoracic outlet
elbow valgus laxitymortons neuromaTMJ
epicondylitismyofascial trochanteric bursitis
erector spinaeneck sprainturf toe
fascia correctionosgood-schlatterwrist sprain
finger sprainosteochrondrosis 
frozen shoulderosteoarthritis 
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