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Kinesio tape
Kinesio Taping® for Lymphoedema and Chronic Swelling
Kinesio Taping® for Lymphoedema and Chronic Swelling
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With the introduction of our unique lymphoedemia techniques, Kinesio Taping is sweeping the world as an effective and exciting modality that complements other "standard" lymphoedemia treatments.  Kinesio Taping for lymphoedemia and chronic swelling will show you step by step, easy to read, full color instruction, of over 108 common and not so common applications associated with lymphoedemia, chronic swelling, and scar management.

Applications include:
Taping of Deep Lymphatic Pathways for Chronic Swelling
Lower Abdominal Mechanical Tapingsspiral method of large and small intestines
Upper Abdominal Tapingdiaphragm
Large IntestinesTaping to assist with breathing
Small Intestinesnasal congestion and sinus congestion
Taping of collector Lymphatic Pathways for acute or Chronic Swelling
Cervical alignment - posteriorcorrecting abnormal postural and muscle imbalances
cervical alignment - anteriortight piriformis
tight scalenes triangleweak piriformis
postural shoulder tapingtight gluteus maximus
postural upper backtight gluteus medius and minimus
subclaviusrecus adominis
pectoralis minorexternal oblique
weak deltoidinternal oblique
tight deltiodtight hamstring
subluxed shoulderweak sartorius
tight biceps brachiitight adductor
weak triceptspes anserine bursitis
tight forearm extensorsweak quadriceps
tight forearm flexorspatella tracking
weak forearm and finger extensorstight anterior tibialis
tight supraspinatusweal dorsiflexors
weak supraspinatustight gastrocnemius and soleus
tight pectoralis majorPlantar fasciitis
weak middle trapeziushallus valgus instability
weak lower trapeziushammer toe
weak quadratus lumborum 
Taping of superficial lymphatic pathways for Chronic Swelling
superfaicial lympathic pathways of the truckswelling of upper arm
superfaicial lympathic pathways of the Breastswelling of forearm
face swellingchronic swelling of hand
swelling of the breastsuperficial pathways for upper extremity
anterior axilla to axillaupper arm for blocked axilla lymph pathways
mechanical lift for breastlateral arm fan taping
posterior axilla to axillasupra deltiod and triceps taping
back to supraclavicularsuperficial lower extremity lymphatic pathways
swelling at the posterior/inferior axillaanterior upper leg
axilla to inquinalsanterior lower leg
inquinal to axillaposterior fan taping of lower leg
low back swellingtaping for chronic swelling of the feet
hip/leg swellingalternate superficial pathways for the lower extremities
superificial upper extremity lympathic pathwaysinquinals to inquinals
Taping for pitting oedema, indurated tissue, scar tissue and chronic venous conditions
reduce pitting oedema and soften indurated tissue
kinesio Taping for scar 
unmanaged scar 
chronic venouse insufficiency 
vericose veins 
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